Archearchy TRAININGS

Welcome to next culture trainings!


Our trainings support you stepping along the bridge of personal development and personal growth.

The term next culture comes from Albert Einstein's observation: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Shifting your thinking automatically creates the next culture. And, as Ishmael author Daniel Quinn writes, "Something better than civilization is waiting for us." 

How do we expand your capacities for creating and relating? Through helping you look at the thoughtware you currently use to think with, and offering you new thoughtware options to choose from.

Just because you are using a certain thoughtware does not mean it is the only thoughtware your brain can use!

We specialize in delivering a particular framework of thoughtware that empowers you to take responsibility for things you may never have suspected a person could take responsibility for. This framework, or context, is called Possibility Management.

Possibility Management has been steadily emerging through private experiments by small circles of individuals in Europe and North America since 1975.

Since 1998 Possibility Management has been delivered in Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs with immediate practical application in everyday life.


In addition to trainings, there are talks, one-day-workshops, and regular courses such as Study Group, Rage Club, Adventure Feelings, and Possibility Team, during which Possibility Management skills are deepened and practiced. 

Our online Calendar gives you details about upcoming trainings and ongoing groups.

The Trainer Guild wishes you immeasurable fun while exploring these opportunities!